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Home News 2009 ABA Master Exhibitors and Breeders

2009 ABA Master Exhibitors and Breeders

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Announcing the 2009 ABA Master Exhibitors and ABA Master Breeders ……

What does it take? Winning starred wins with your bantams. A starred win is defined as a win in a class of 100 or more birds. This is no easy task. When you accumulate 20 or more, you reach the first level of recognition – the Master Exhibitor.

If you accumulate 20 or more of these starred wins in one Breed and variety (ie. White Cochin) over not less than five years, you are recognized as an ABA Master Breeder.

Let’s congratulate the following ABA members for achieving these goals:

2009 Master Exhibitors (numbered according to the amount of wins accumulated. ABA members can be assigned like numbers)

384 TNT Bantams - Tony Treadwell SC

385 Bar S Bantams UT

385 Heads Up Bantams -Dwight Madsen MO

385 Kenneth Mc Elhaney TN

385 Fred Mc Gehee Family OK

389 Cheryl Barnaba CT

389 Shawnee Feather Barn IL

391 Baker & Goodfellow Canada

391 J & D Bantams NC

391 Pete Mc Connell SC

391 Lamar Sheriff SC

391 Doris Vosburg CA

2009 Master Breeders

Carey Bantams FL Silver Sebright

Bobby & Aileen Castlebury TX Brown Red Modern Game

Doug Connally TX Black Wyandotte

Tommy Cornatzer NC SC Rhode Island Red

Cryar & Wagoner AL Lemon Blue Modern Game

Donald Holt TX Black Cochin

Hughes Family TX Black Rosecomb

Jones & Leonard CA Dark Cornish

David LeFeber WI Columbian Wyandotte

Reynold Loecker SD SC White Leghorn

Mc Ivers Bantams KS SC Rhode Island Red

Jim & Bonnie Sallee CA SC White Leghorn

Jim & Bonnie Sallee CA BB Red Old English Game

Shawnee Feather Barn IL SC White Leghorn

Lamar Sheriff SC White Old English Game

Bill Ziehm NY Black Cochin


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