ABA Lifetime Achievement Award

To be recognized at this level, the ABA member must have earned a minimum of 20 gold stars 

Article 24…Life Achievement Award                                                                                                       

Section 1:  This is the highest and final level of achievement for exhibitors competing in the ABA system. It recognizes both the consistent long-term winner and the exhibitor capable of winning at major ABA meets. This award is based on winning over a large number of competitor's birds over a prolonged period of time. The minimum time span for the Life Achievement Award is 10 years.  Only starred wins earned while the exhibitor was an ABA member in good standing will be counted.

Section 2:  An exhibitor would qualify for the ABA Life Achievement Award when 20 Gold starred wins were earned.  Gold stars may be earned in any one of the following ways:

  • A starred win in a class of 2,000 or more  birds earns one Gold star,
  • A starred win in a class of 1,000-1,999 birds earns one Silver star, and two Silver stars earn one Gold star,
  • A starred win in a class of 400-999 birds earns one Bronze star, and 5 Bronze stars earn one Gold star,
  • And a total of 20 starred wins in classes of 100-399 earns one Gold star.

Section 3:  The association will recognize Life Achievement Award winners in several ways. (a) An appropriate plaque will be presented at a major meet, preferably a National Meet. (b) In the year in which the Award is earned, a full page in the ABA Yearbook will be devoted to each winner and their accomplishments.  (c) All subsequent issues of the ABA Yearbook will have a section devoted to the names and pictures of Life Achievement Award winners. (d) Appropriate recognition would also be provided to those who achieve 20 gold wins at the breed or variety level.